Best Time of Year to Visit the Philippines

best time of year to visit the philippines

The Philippines is one of the most picturesque, beautiful countries in the world for both families and solo travelers. However, the Philippines weather is not always as spectacular as it appears on postcards.

  • When to go to the Philippines? The most popular time to visit the Philippines is during the dry season, between November and April. During these months the country is fully accessible, including its many beautiful islands and more remote areas. December to February are the coolest months of the season.
  • When is the cheapest time to travel to the Philippines? The rainy season falls between May and October. The rains falls hard and fast but this does not mean you should necessarily avoid these months. The rain is not constant, there are sunny days, the temperatures are warm, the scenery is green and lush, and the prices are lower.
  • If you are looking for good value, the shoulder months of May to November offer unpredictable, but often fantastic weather as well as economical flights. Typhoons can occur in the Philippines any time between August and January.

The best month to go to the Philippines depends on your preferences. This guide will explain the pros and cons of traveling to the Philippines during each month to help you plan your trip.

January in the Philippines

January is an ideal month to visit the Philippines. Although there are occasional rainy days, it is generally a very comfortable time to go as the weather is cooler because of the Northeast Monsoon.

Aside from the weather, some of the country’s most exciting festivals, such as the Ati-Atihan festival, fall in January.

  • Temperature: 26° C (79° F)
  • Rainfall: 7 days

February in the Philippines

The weather in February is similar to January but the chance of rain is slightly lower. It is also one of the best times of the year to go to the Philippines.

Sometimes the temperature drops a few degrees below the monthly average which makes it a great time to enjoy trekking and other outdoor activities.

  • Temperature: 27° C (81° F)
  • Rainfall: 4 days

March in the Philippines

March is the month when the temperature starts to rise in the Philippines. However, March is not as hot as the subsequent months so it is still a great time to visit.

There are some religious holidays to watch out for, as many shops and services stop running on public holidays. Easter week is a very quiet time.

  • Temperature: 28° C (82° F)
  • Rainfall: 4 days

April in the Philippines

April is a hot, sticky month to visit the Philippines, especially in Manila, the capital. It is an uncomfortable time to be in the cities but if you want to spend time on the beaches or discovering the countries more remote islands, the it is a good time to visit.

  • Temperature: 29° C (84° F)
  • Rainfall: 3 days

May in the Philippines

May is another hot month to visit the Philippines. However, although the lowland areas may become uncomfortable, it is the ideal time to head up into the country’s mountains or to the coastal areas to relax.

The colorful Pahiya Festival and the Flores de Mayo festival are 2 of the month’s highlights and there is a religious procession in every town known as the Santacruzan.

  • Temperature: 30° C (86° F)
  • Rainfall: 12 days

June in the Philippines

The temperature starts to drop in June but it is still very hot. It is also a very wet month with around a 50% chance of rain each day.

The southern islands are a very popular destination in June as they receive less rain. There is also the famous Parada ng mga Lechon (roasted pig parade) which is held in the Batangas province.

  • Temperature: 28° C (82° F)
  • Rainfall: 16 days

July in the Philippines

Rainfall increases dramatically in July and many of the Luzon islands are hit by the Southwest Monsoon which makes trips to the north very difficult. Generally speaking, it is not the ideal time to visit.

However, the weather creates fantastic conditions for surfing and other water sports which rely on big waves.

  • Temperature: 28° C (82° F)
  • Rainfall: 21 days

August in the Philippines

August is also one of the least popular months to visit the Philippines because of the heavy rainfall. Even manila and South Luzon do not escape the downpours.

The best place to go during August is the southern Mindanao region where the weather is a little better.

  • Temperature: 27° C (81° F)
  • Rainfall: 22 days

September in the Philippines

September is the height of the rainy season in the Philippines and strong typhoons are not unusual. If you do visit the Philippines during this month, watch out for weather warnings before you go to the beach or decide to explore more rural areas.

You can enjoy indoor activities during this month, such as museums and restaurants. Find out more about natural disasters in the Philippines.

  • Temperature: 28° C (82° F)
  • Rainfall: 20 days

October in the Philippines

October is a fairly wet time but the rain dies down towards the end of the month, making late October pleasant to visit the Philippines.

There are public holidays during the last week of the month which means that some things are closed and many local tourists are traveling around the country. The vibrant Camiguin’s Lanzones Festival and the MassKara Festival are a couple of the October’s most exciting events.

  • Temperature: 28° C (82° F)
  • Rainfall: 16 days

November in the Philippines

November marks the beginning of the dry season. However, there is still the possibility of typhoons but the probability of bad weather decreases as the month goes on.

There are fewer tourists in popular places such as Palawan compared to the subsequent months.

  • Temperature: 27° C (81° F)
  • Rainfall: 13 days

December in the Philippines

The cooler temperatures make December the perfect time to visit the Philippines.

Christmas is a huge deal and the decorations are spectacular. You can feel the festive spirit wherever you go around the country. The comfortable weather also means you can enjoy a range of outdoor activities.

  • Temperature: 26° C (79° F)
  • Rainfall: 11 days

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