Philippines eTA Visa Waiver

Electronic Travel Authorization for entry to the Philippines

What is the Philippines Electronic Travel Authorization?

The Electronic Travel Authorization for the Philippines (eTA Philippines) is an online visa currently only available for citizens of Taiwan.
In the coming months, it will be applied to more countries, but the list of attached countries has not yet been confirmed.

The eTA for Philippines simplifies the process of obtaining a tourist visa to travel to the country. Applicants can complete the Philippines eTA form from the comfort of their home or office. All a Taiwanese traveler needs is to have access to an Internet connection in order to complete their application form.

Who needs an eTA Visa Waiver for the Philippines?

At this time, the electronic visa for the Philippines, can be obtained by Taiwanese passport holders through an online application form. The Philippines eTA visa waiver is only available for citizens of Taiwan who wish to visit the country for a short-term stay.

More information about the eTA Philippines for Taiwanese citizens in the attached link.

To apply for this Philippines electronic travel authorization, the applicant needs a passport with a minimum validity of six months beyond the expected stay in the Philippines.

Taiwan also has an electronic visa system available for Filipino citizens who wish to travel to Taiwan.

eTA Philippines

The eTA Philippines is granted to citizens with a valid eligible eTA passport. After completing an eTA Philippines application, each traveler will be assigned a Unique Identification (UID) number. In case of an application for several individuals, one UID will be assigned to the primary applicant. In this case, payment should be made for the entire amount under the UID. All unpaid and unfinished applications will be deleted seven (7) days after initial entry of data.

To successfully obtain the Philippines eTA visa waiver the traveler needs to have a:

  • Valid passport
  • Email address
  • Debit or credit card

All applicants are required to complete all sections accurately. Each traveler is advised to check all entries before submitting the application for payment. Holder of the travel authorization may be refused entry into the Philippines in case of discrepancy between the passport data and the authorization based on entries supplied by the traveler.

All notices will be sent to the email address provided by the primary applicant. This cannot be changed after payment has been made. However, it should be noted that once a visa or more visas to the Philippines are approved, each must be printed on a separate paper. This document has to be presented upon arrival at a port of entry in the Philippines.

Passport and eTA requirements for the Philippines

Citizens of Taiwan who wish to apply for a Philippines eTA must have a passport with a minimum validity of six months beyond their expected stay in the country.

All travelers to the Philippines must also have the following upon arrival in the country:

  • Roundtrip flight itinerary
  • Hotel bookings
  • Cash or a debit or credit card

Upon arrival in the Philippines all travelers are required to go through immigration control. Port of entry officials are likely to ask security questions and it is essential to provide accurate responses and present the necessary documents. Taiwanese travelers must present a printed copy for the Philippines eTA.