Traditional Festivals in the Philippines

Traditional festivals of the Philippines

The Philippines attract travelers from all over the world due to their inviting islands, gorgeous climate, and intriguing culture. The Philippines collectively celebrate over 42,000 festivals every year.

Most local Philippines festivities are religious or cultural with many festivals honoring the local Catholic saint or historical periods of time in the Philippines. There are even festivals that celebrate the local harvest or community products.

Travelers trying to decide when to leave for the Philippines may want to take into account the chance to experience the best festivals in the country. They should also find out whether they need a visa Philippines or how to get the Philippines eTA visa waiver before their trip.

Preparing for the trip is vital before traveling to the Philippines and means that once you arrive, you will be able to enjoy your vacation and relax.

Read all about some of the different festivals in the Philippines, when and where they are held and how to get to festival paradise.

Most Popular Festivals in the Philippines

Many travel to the Philippines to roam the endless white-sand beaches and relax without attending festivals, whereas others visit specifically to experience the incredible events on offer. Discover the traditional festivals of the Philippines with the following top list of festivities.

Sinulog Festival, Cebu

Cebu is an island situated in the Central Visayas with around 160 surrounding islands and islets. Sinulog Festival is one of the largest festivals in the Philippines and is held every year on the third Sunday of January.

The festival celebrates the people of the Philippines, their Pagan past and is a Christian event that honors Santo Niño (Jesus). It is one of the most colorful festivals with vibrant costumes, incredible displays, and dancing rituals that fill the streets with celebrations. Instruments such as trumpets, drums, and traditional gongs are played as street dancers catch spectators’ eyes.

Those who prefer to avoid crowds may prefer to visit the island but witness a smaller version of the festival held in other parts of the island with fewer people and more locals.

Travelers can get to Cebu by taking a 1-hour plane from Manila. This is a good connection for getting to the Central Visayas. Travelers should make sure that they possess a tourist visa for the Philippines if their nationality requires them to do so in order to travel the Philippines.

Lanzones Festival, Camiguin

During the third week of October every year, the idyllic town of Mambajao flourishes into a festival for all to see. Lanzones are trees that form part of the Mahogany family with sweet fruit that is harvested during this time of year and therefore, it is celebrated during a 4-day festival.

During this time, you’ll witness lanzones fruit everywhere and learn that Filipinos can be amazingly creative. Many take to the streets in vibrant clothes to celebrate the lanzones harvest.

There are also artisan markets which are perfect for some shopping, buying souvenirs or memories to take back home with you.

MassKara Festival, Bacolod

Another annual festival, MassKara Festival takes place on the fourth Sunday of October and is an exceptional sight to see with colorful street dancers wearing unique costumes and masks taking to the street.

The festival takes place in Bacolod every year and during the rest of the year, Bacolod is known as the City of Smiles. The main festival event consists of a dance competition with mainly Latin music. At night, the dancers decorate the masks with colorful lights making it a truly unique festival.

On top of the dancing highlights of the festival, visitors can encounter gastronomic delights at food stalls, sporting events, music concerts, and even garden events among other festival delights.

Travelers can get to Bacolod by air, as the island has an airport. Those who require a visa to enter and travel the Philippines should make sure that they are able to apply beforehand.

While some may require a visa, the eTA Philippines is available for citizens of Taiwan. Prior to applying for the eTA, it is recommendable that applicants check the Philippines eTA requirements. Read more about the Philippines electronic visa for Taiwan citizens, learn about the visa and how to apply so that you can visit the Philippines and enjoy the fantastic festivals it has to offer.