Philippines eTA for Belgian Citizens

eTA Requirements for the Philippines from Belgium

The Philippines has consolidated as a preferred tourist destination in the last years, receiving international visitors all year round. Belgians are amongst the citizens who can currently enter the country visa-free for up to 30 days.

However, as of 2021, it is expected that citizens of Belgium several other nations will be required to have the Filipino visa waiver, which will be soon launched by local authorities.

Belgian travelers are advised to keep reading to learn more about the future Philippines’ eTA entry requirements and application process.

How Does the Philippines eTA Work for Belgians

Although not all details about this new travel permit have been revealed, it is expected the Filipino visa waiver will be known as the Philippines’ eTA or electronic travel authorization.

This eTA to Filipino territory will not replace a visa in any case. The creation of this new visa waiver seeks to provide a better travel experience for Belgians and other foreign travelers visiting the country for the short term, as well as to strengthen the external border controls in the Philippines.

The whole process, ranging from requesting the eTA to receiving it, will be done online. This means nationals of Belgium will need to gather digital copies of certain travel and personal documents, to complete an electronic application form, and to pay the processing fee electronically.

Filipino Visa Waiver Requirements for Citizens of Belgium

Belgian travelers are required to meet several Philippine eTA entry prerequisites, also known as entry visa waiver requirements, when the electronic travel authorization to the country becomes available.

These entry conditions are deemed 100% obligatory for Belgian travelers to successfully receive an electronically approved visa to the Philippines:

  • Having a valid Belgium passport. The minimum validity of the passport must be of at least 6 months when entering the Philippines
  • Presenting a round trip itinerary, which shows the flight departure and arrival information
  • Submitting proof of accommodation in the Philippines, for instance, in the form of hotel bookings
  • Introducing a working email address to being the application process. Once approved, the eTA to the Philippines will be sent to that account
  • Paying the Philippines visa waiver processing fee with a valid credit/debit card.

Belgian tourists should take into account that these requirements could change in the near future when the Philippine eTA is to be released. Therefore, it is recommended to follow the latest news about the Philippines visas and visa waiver.

How Can Belgians Apply for an eTA to the Philippines?

The Philippines’ eTA application form will be a simple and effortless online document that Belgian visitors will need to complete before traveling to the country. It will not take more than 20 minutes to fill it in if applicants have all the required documents at hand.

This electronic form to obtain an eTA to the Philippines is expected to contain four types of questions:

  • Personal information of the Belgian applicant
  • Contact details related to the traveler from Belgium
  • Key passport data such as passport number, expiration date, and issuance date
  • Routinary questions regarding the visitor’s health and criminal record, if any

Once this information has been provided, Belgian applicants will need to pay the visa waiver processing fee. Both credit and debit cards are accepted during this process.

Note: If Belgian applicants misplace, lose, or have their passport stolen after completing the application form or obtaining the eTA to the Philippines, they will need to request the travel authorization again. This is because the Filipino visa waiver will be digitally linked to the passport.

Filipino eTA’s processing time from Belgium

It is expected that the Philippines’ visa waiver will be processed and approved in 2 to 3 days, and even in a couple of hours depending on the volume of requests received by Filipino authorities. In any case, citizens of Belgium are advised to submit their applications at least one week before their trip.

It is strongly recommended that Belgian travelers print a copy of the approved eTA to the Philippines and to carry it with them upon arrival.

Important: Submitting incomplete/incorrect information or failing to provide key documents could delay the approval and even mean the refusal of the Philippine travel permit.

Filipino eTA application for Belgian minors

Belgian minors traveling to the Philippines will also need an individual eTA to legally enter the country. In these cases, parents and/or legal guardians are authorized to complete the Filipino visa waiver application form on the child’s behalf.

It is worth noting that these underage passengers also need to abide by the rest of the Filipino eTA entry requirements.

Types of Philippines Visas Available From Belgium

Belgian travelers should be aware that the Philippine visa policy is due to change as a result of the creation and release of the new Filipino visa waiver program.

However, currently, the most popular travel permit to the Philippines is the Filipino tourist visa, which is available for Belgians who plan to stay in the country for more than 30 days.

Depending on the travel reasons, Belgian passport holders are also eligible to apply for the other types of Philippine visas, which are usually divided into two categories: immigrant (permanent, long-term stays) and non-immigrant visas (trade, transit, academic courses, etc.).