Philippines eTA for Czech Citizens

eTA Requirements for the Philippines from Czech Republic

The Philippines is experiencing a tourism boom, and soon most of its international arrivals will be able to enjoy the benefits of a new electronic travel authorization system known as Philippines eTA.

Czech travelers will be part of this program, so it is expected they will be able to apply online for a visa waiver to the Philippines without needing to present paper documents in embassies or in physical offices.

This new policy related to the Philippines’ visa expedition is related to the local government’s effort to modernize its immigration system, allowing passengers from many countries -including the Czech Republic- to obtain a travel permit without any hassle.

Read on to learn more about the visa waiver to be launched in the Philippines and how this change will affect Czech citizens.

Do I Need a Philippines eTA as a Czech National?

Currently, not all Czech passport holders are required to have a visa before entering the Philippines. If a traveler from the Czech Republic has an itinerary that spans fewer than 30 days and includes onward travel from the Philippines, then they are not required to hold a visa.

However, if nationals of the Czech Republic wish to stay longer than the aforementioned 30 days, then they will need a tourist visa to the Philippines.

Also, once the Filipino eTA visa waiver for Czech citizens is released, they will be required to obtain one to enter the country.

Seeing as the whole application process will be online, from the submission to the issuing of the eTA visa waiver, Czech passport holders will have no problem getting their visa waivers in order no matter what type of trip they are taking.

Philippines Visa Waiver Requirements for the Czech Republic

The eTA visa waiver for the Philippines will be easy to fill out and simple to use by Czech nationals. However, it will be imperative that each citizen closely follows the instructions and presents the Filipino travel authorities with the necessary documents and pieces of information.

Any incorrect input, even an errant keyboard strike, could result in the delay or outright rejection of Czech passengers’ visa waiver application, so they must be sure to double-check all your answers before submitting them. Each of the following will be the requirements to enter the Philippines with an eTA:

  • A Czech passport. The passport must have at least six months remaining on it before it expires from the day they plan to leave the Philippines
  • Two passport-sized photographs
  • An itinerary detailing the Czech traveler’s plans for their trip to the Philippines as well as proof of hotel bookings. The itinerary must also include proof of onward travel departing the Philippines within the time allotted by their eTA
  • Proof of sufficient funds for Czechs’ entire stay in the Philippines in the form of cash or bank statements. Anyone bringing in more than $10,000 USD or P10,000 must declare the cash on arrival

Travelers from the Czech Republic must also have a current, accessible email address as well as a valid payment method to pay the visa waiver processing fee.

Philippines’ Travel Authorization Application as a Czech Citizen

The Filipino eTA application process for Czech citizens includes providing the items listed in the requirements section, but it also requires filling out the application form to obtain the Philippines’ eTA.

This online document will ask for basic details such as the Czech passenger’s full name, date of birth, place of residence, and the information from their passport biographical page, namely the expiration date and passport number.

After applicants from the Czech Republic have ensured that every piece of information is correctly entered, they can submit the application, accompanied by the non-refundable application fee, which must be paid with a debit or credit card.

The turnaround time for Czechs applying for a Philippines’ visa waiver will be around three business days, so it is important to request the eTA with enough time to guarantee that they hear back before their travel.

Once the eTA has been sent to the applicant of the Czech Republic’s email address, they must print out a hard copy and carry it with them to your Filipino port of entry. Border authorities will ask to see their hard copy and may also ask to see the digital copy on their phone.

Traveling From the Czech Republic to the Philippines With an eTA

It is important to remember that the Philippines has cultural differences, customs, and etiquette than other Western countries such as the Czech Republic.

In terms of the arrival in the country, there is absolutely no pornography or weapons of any kind that are permitted for entry into the Philippines. Any breach of this rule about restricted items that can be brought into the Philippines can and will result in the passenger of the Czech Republic being denied entry, even if they hold a valid eTA.

Czech nationals are also advised of the common recommendations when traveling alone in the Philippines.