Philippines eTA for UAE Citizens

eTA Requirements for the Philippines from United Arab Emirates

Visitors choose the Philippines for a variety of reasons, and therefore, the Philippine Government offers different types of visas to cater to people’s travel needs. There are two main categories of visas offered by the Philippine Government: immigrant and non-immigrant visas.

Emiratis visiting the country for temporary stays may need to apply for a non-immigrant permit. However, they are encouraged to go through the list of different types of visas first to see if they are required to obtain one prior to departure.

It is worth noting that a visa may not be needed in certain cases as the Philippines allows for short-term visa-free entry for citizens of several countries, including the UAE.

Do Emiratis Need a Visa for the Philippines?

This will depend on the reason and duration of their stay. Currently, UAE nationals can remain in the Philippines for tourism purposes for up to 30 days. If they intend to stay for longer than 30 days on Philippine territory, citizens of the UAE will need to obtain a visa.

It’s possible to apply for an eTA online travel permit from the UAE. It’s important that tourists check whether this is the most appropriate travel authorization for their specific circumstances.

Philippines Entry Requirements for Emirati Citizens

Before beginning the application process for a Philippine eTA tourist visa waiver, the traveler must ensure that they adhere to the requirements set by the Philipine immigration and visa policies. The most important requisites are:

  • An eligible passport with a validity of 6 or more months after the intended date of departure
  • Travel information including accommodation bookings
  • Proof that the traveler intends to leave the Philippines (i.e. a return ticket)
  • Enough funds to support themselves during their time in the Philippines

UAE citizens entering the Philippines will have to go through immigration control at the Philippine port of entry of their choice. There, they may be asked to answer certain security questions honestly and accurately and may have to provide travel documents along with a copy of their printed eTA visa waiver.

How to Get an eTA Philippines from the UAE?

The process of applying for an eTA visa waiver is quite simple and much quicker than having to go to a local embassy or consulate. The traveler will have to access the Philippine eTA website in order to apply for the permit.

There is an online application form that must be filled out which will ask the applicant to list some biographical information as well as passport details. Typically, this includes:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Passport number as well as issue and expiry date

The form will also require the individual to provide a current email address and valid credit/debit card information.

Once the application is complete and submitted, the foreigner will be given a Unique Identification Number or UID. It’s possible to make a request as a group, in which case the primary applicant will be issued the UID.

It’s paramount that the information provided on the application form match the information shown on the traveler’s passport otherwise they will risk being denied entry into the Philippines. The eTA permit in such circumstances is deemed invalid, therefore, it is necessary to fill out the application form as accurately as possible.

In the event that an applicant makes a mistake filling out the online eTA visa form, they may be required to submit an entirely new application. Sometimes, they can contact the Philippine eTA website and have the information updated instead.

Travel to the Philippines from the UAE

After the applicant submits the online Philippine eTA visa application, they will hear back on its status within 3 business days. In some cases, the wait can be longer depending on whether there is any additional processing required on the application.

Once the traveler’s eTA visa application has been approved, they will receive the eTA visa waiver at the email address they provided on the application form. The visitor will then have to save an electronic copy of the approved eTA visa waiver and also take a printed copy with them to the Philippine airport/ port of entry.

Please note that the eTA should be printed on an A4 sheet of paper and each traveler should have their eTA visa printed on a separate sheet.

All foreigners should keep in mind that they will be required to provide evidence of onward journey from the Philippines before boarding a flight to the country. Some airlines refuse to board passengers if they fail to show a ticket and, in some cases, passengers may even be required to purchase one on the spot in order to proceed with their planned visit to the Philippines.

Once they have entered the Philippines, UAE citizens and all other foreign nationals must abide by their visa or permit’s terms and conditions. Failure to do so will result in breaking the Philippine immigration policies and law and may have serious consequences, including affecting the chances to obtain a travel permit for the Philippines in the future.