Philippines eTA for Finnish Citizens

eTA Requirements for the Philippines from Finland

Eligible citizens, including Finnish nationals, will soon be able to apply online for a visa waiver to the Philippines, which means that when this permit is launched, travelers from Finland will no longer need to book an appointment with a local embassy or consulate to obtain a travel authorization.

This electronic system will allow Finnish visitors to save time and money when applying for their Philippine eTA as the electronic travel authorization is usually known.

Types of Philippines Visas Available for Citizens of Finland

The government of the Philippines has a visa policy set in place where eligible applicants such as those traveling from Finland can apply for several different Philippine visas based on two factors: their travel reasons and the number of days they would like to stay in the country.

The available visa types for the Philippines can be divided into three categories: tourist visas, non-immigrant visas, and immigrant visas.

In the case of Finnish visitors, they can currently enter the country without needing a visa if their trip takes less than 30 days. However, if Finns would like to travel for more than 30 days, then they must apply for a Philippine tourist visa.

Note: Once the visa waiver is launched, Finns will need to obtain it for the under-30-day trips to the Philippines.

If Finnish visitors are traveling for prearranged employment, trade, transit, or academic course, they should apply for the respective Philippine non-immigrant visa. In the case of Finns moving permanently to the Philippines, then the immigrant visas will serve this purpose.

Finnish travelers must be aware that overstaying a visa or a visa waiver could lead to penalties or even deportation.

Requirements for Finnish Travelers to Obtain an eTA for the Philippines

The upcoming eTA to the Philippines (also known as the Filipino visa waiver) will be regulated by the Philippines’ Department of Foreign Affairs, which has established important Filipino eTA entry requirements to make sure Finnish citizens comply with the rules and regulations.

The following requirements are deemed 100% mandatory for a Finnish national to successfully receive a visa waiver to the Philippines:

  • A valid Finnish passport that has a minimum of 6 months validity from the expected arrival date
  • A complete flight itinerary. The flight itinerary must show the round trip. This means that both the departure and arrival information
  • All hotel bookings must be provided
  • Any school or company ID (if applicable)
  • A working email address. To receive the eTA electronically, a valid email must be provided.
  • A valid credit/debit card. Payment of the visa processing fee will be required at the final stage of the online eTA application.

It is important to note that if Finnish applicants fail to provide the obligatory requirements stated above, the visa waiver could take longer to be issued or Finnish citizens may be refused an approved eTA for the Philippines.

Furthermore, Finns should be aware that new prerequisites and conditions could be released when the Filipino eTA is launched. Therefore, citizens from Finland are invited to follow online any updates related to the visa waiver to the Philippines.

How to Apply for the Philippine Visa Waiver From Finland

Once Finnish nationals are sure they meet the mandatory requirements, they can start to complete the online Philippine visa waiver application form.

The online application form is extremely easy and simple to fill out and it should take Finnish applicants only a matter of minutes.

Throughout the application, Finns can expect to answer some personal details such as full name, date of birth, nationality, and passport expiry date.

They may also be some health and security questions that will need to be answered to ensure that the Finnish traveler is fit for travel before entering the country. Lastly, payment of the visa processing fee will also need to be submitted at the final stage of the Filipino online application form.

When the Filipino eTA is approved and received by Finnish visitors, they must print out a copy of the visa waiver and carry it in person in case an immigration officer requires to see it before entering the country.

Finnish adults traveling with minors to the Philippines

It is possible for minors to travel with an adult to the Philippines. Finnish parents/guardians wishing to take their children on vacation must note that each individual, including underage passengers, must apply for their own online Philippine eTA application.

However, parents/guardians can apply and fill out the online Philippine visa form on behalf of the child and also upload their supporting documents.