Philippines eTA for Greek Citizens

eTA Requirements for the Philippines from Greece

The Philippines government has informed that an electronic travel authorization (eTA) will soon be available for eligible nationals. The new system, called the Philippines’ visa waiver, which is meant to facilitate the immigration process, will possibly also apply to Greek citizens who wish to visit the Philippines.

Some of the benefits of the new visa waiver program will be a stronger border control system, shorter queues at the Philippines border, and an easy online application process. Greek nationals will be able to accomplish the application process entirely online, from the comfort of their homes, with no need to visit the embassy of the Philippines in Athens.

The updated list of eligible nationalities and more information will be published along with the latest news of the Philippines’ eTA.

Do Greek Nationals Need a Visa to Enter the Philippines?

Currently, the Philippines maintains a generous visa-free policy for citizens of most countries. Tourists from over a hundred nationalities, including Greek travelers, can at this time visit the country visa-free.

Although most Greek nationals can enter the country without a visa, individuals who intend to spend longer periods of time in the Philippines or work or study in the country must apply for a visa by visiting a Philippines embassy in person.

What types of Philippines visas are available from Greece?

The Philippines provides several different types of visas to citizens of Greece depending on the purpose of the stay in the country.

Immigrant visas are suitable for all Greek nationals who wish to reside permanently in the Philippines. Those who have employment or studying opportunities or intend to stay in the country for more than 30 days should apply for one of the non-immigrant visa types.

It is important to note that overstaying the maximum number of days a visa allows can incur penalties and even deportation. Similarly, exceeding the maximum time of the stay in the country is not allowed for visitors who can stay visa-free. For Greek passport holders, this period is limited to 30 days.

Some visa policy details for the Philippines may change or updated.

How to Apply for a Philippines eTA From Greece?

Applying for a Philippines eTA is a simple and hassle-free online process. Contrary to the traditional visa application, the Filipino eTA application form can be completed in a matter of minutes from anywhere in the world. Greek nationals are not required to reside in Greece at the time of their application.

Greek citizens who wish to travel to the Philippines need to fill in the application form and provide all the essential personal details (name, gender, nationality, date of birth, and contact information) and passport information (country and date of issue, passport number, and date of expiry).

Once the Philippines’ eTA application is accepted, a Unique Identification Number (UID) will be issued to the candidate. A single UID is issued for group applications. It is assigned to the group’s primary applicant.

Greek candidates are advised to submit their application online at least several days before their planned departure date to allow for any delays in eTA processing.

To apply for a Philippines travel permit from Greece, candidates will be asked to pay for the eTA processing fee. The payment is done through a secure online system and all the major debit and credit cards are accepted.

Filipino visa waiver validity for Greek travelers

Applicants from Greece will usually receive their visa waiver after 3 business days, but delays may occur due to public holidays or errors in the application form, for example. Therefore, it is necessary to double-check that the information provided in the form is completely correct and truthful and corresponds to the details of the passport.

The Philippines’ eTA for Greece is valid for 30 days from the entry date to the Philippines.

Philippines Visa Waiver for Greece: Needed Documents and Conditions

The most important Philippines eTA entry requirement for Greece is having a valid Greek passport. Dual citizens may choose to enter the Philippines with another passport, however, it has to be the same document that was used for the visa waiver application. The passport must remain valid for at least 6 months after the departure date from the Philippines.

The Philippines’ eTA is assigned to a specific passport so that if the passport is nearing its expiration date, the applicant needs to obtain a new one and use it for applying for the eTA.

Philippines visa waiver conditions for Greece also include having a valid debit or credit card for the eTA fee payment and an active email address for receiving the travel authorization.

Traveling From Greece to the Philippines: Trip Advice

When entering the Philippines, Greek travelers will be asked to show a printed copy of the electronic travel authorization and their passport to the immigration officer.

They may also be required to answer several security questions and show their return ticket and hotel reservations for their stay in the Philippines.