Philippines eTA for Irish Citizens

eTA Requirements for the Philippines from Ireland

Over 8 million international travelers visited the Philippines in 2019. From those, many are Irish nationals who can currently enter the country visa-free for leisure trips of up to 30 days. However, the Filipino authorities will soon launch a visa waiver that will be mandatory for citizens of Ireland and other eligible countries.

This new travel document will be also known as the Philippine eTA or electronic travel authorization. Eligible applicants must keep reading to learn about the Filipino visa waiver requirements to enter the country.

Do Irish Nationals Need a Philippines eTA?

At present, the Filipino immigration and visa policy is changing. This means in the near future there will be modifications to the requirements needed by passengers to enter the country.

In the case of nationals of Ireland, they can now visit the Philippines for up to a month for tourism without needing to apply for a Filipino visa. However, it is expected that they will require a Filipino visa waiver as of 2021. This information is yet to be confirmed.

If Irish nationals are planning to stay longer than 30 days in the Philippines, or have arranged a journey whose main purpose is other than tourism, then they will need to apply for a visa in person.

The Filipino visas are usually divided into two categories: the non-immigrant visas and the immigrant visas. Travelers from Ireland are advised to inform properly about all the available travel document options before applying.

The necessary documents and conditions that are required to enter the country will depend on the type of visa Irish nationals have requested.

Philippines eTA’s Requirements for Irish Nationals

When applying, Irish nationals will need to meet the Philippines’ eTA entry requirements, which are a set of conditions and prerequisites all travelers must abide by before completing their application online. These include having the following:

  • A valid Irish passport that is valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival
  • A travel itinerary that details the expected activities that Irish nationals will perform during their stay
  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover all the expenses generated on the time in the Philippines (for instance, bank statements)
  • Proof of accommodation and outward travel in the form of hotel bookings and flight tickets, respectively
  • Two passport-type photographs that are in color, clear, recent and where the Irish applicant’s face is visible, without any accessories or special garments
  • A credit or debit card to complete the processing fee payment online

It is worth mentioning all these conditions are 100% mandatory. Therefore, it is the responsibility of Irish passport holders to gather the documents and meet the prerequisites to ensure their Filipino eTA application will be successful.

In the case that authorities from the Philippines need further clarification, a notification will be sent to Irish applicants to obtain more details. However, it is always advisable to be informed about possible travel restrictions imposed by the Philippines to avoid any entry inconvenience.

How To Apply for The Philippines eTA as an Irish National

Once the Philippines eTA is launched, Irish nationals will be able to apply for the Filipino visa waiver through an online system that will include questions regarding the citizens’ personal data, travel details, and other routinary information.

The following are some of the personal queries that citizens of Ireland will need to complete:

  • Full name as it appears on the Irish passport
  • Date and country of birth
  • Age
  • Gender

The travel information that is necessary during the completion of the application form has to do with:

  • Passport number
  • Irish passport’s issuance and expiration date
  • Scanned copies of hotel bookings and the expected travel itinerary while in the Philippines

Other questions include asking for health-related issues and criminal history if any.

Note: When applying for the electronic visa waiver to the Philippines, all updates and communications will be notified to the Irish applicant’s email address that should be provided during the application process.

All the information submitted must be double-checked and answered carefully and correctly. Any mistake or misinformation can lead to a delay or ultimately the denial of the Filipino travel authorization.

Estimated Filipino eTA’s processing time from Ireland

After submitting all the information and documents, the application to obtain the eTA to the Philippines is usually processed in 1 to 3 business days.

If the request is approved, then applicants from Ireland will receive an email containing an attached document in PDF format with the visa waiver, which must be printed out and carry during the arrival in the country and, ideally, during the whole journey.