Philippines eTA for Peruvian Citizens

eTA Requirements for the Philippines from Peru

Peruvian passport holders who are looking to experience all that the Philippines has to offer will soon be able to do so through an electronic travel authorization commonly known as Philippines’ eTA.

As it stands now, Peruvian citizens who wish to visit the Philippines do not need to apply for a tourist visa to the Philippines beforehand if they are planning on staying in the country for fewer than 30 days.

However, if they plan on going for longer, they will need a tourist visa. Thankfully, travel authorities will soon be launching a visa waiver system called the electronic travel authorization (eTA) and which will be available for Peruvians to help streamline the authorization process.

Why is the Philippines’ eTA Important for Peruvian Citizens?

The eTA Philippines for Peruvian citizens will make the process simpler as the entire application is completed online, eliminating the need for extraneous travel to embassies or immigration offices, and the usual long wait times associated with an in-person application.

In that sense, the soon-to-be-launched visa waiver to the Philippines is a quick, easy, and affordable manner for Peruvians to gain access to the country when traveling for less than a month for tourism purposes.

Filipino eTA: Travel Documents Required from Peruvian Nationals

There are a number of Philippines eTA entry requirements that each Peruvian national will need to provide during the application process for the eTA for the Philippines.

The type of visa that you require will inform the documents needed, however, each traveler from Peru will be required to submit the following:

  • A valid Peruvian passport. The passport must have a minimum of six months of validity before it expires from the date you intend on leaving the Philippines
  • Roundtrip flights or other proof of onward travel showing intent to leave the Philippines
  • Hotel bookings
  • Proof of sufficient funds in either cash or a bank statement to last you through your trip
  • School or work identification if applicable

The application process will require more detailed information, especially when filling out the eTA application form for Peruvian travelers.

Nationals of Peru are also advised about possible vaccinations needed before entering the Philippines, as certain medical requirements may apply.

Visa Waiver for the Philippines as Peruvian: Application Process

The Filipino eTA for Peruvian passport holders consists of providing a few documents and pieces of personal data, as well as submitting an application form. It is crucial that while filling out the form, each section is double-checked for accuracy as any misinformation, even if accidentally entered, could result in the denial or delay of the eTA.

The Philippines’ eTA application form for Peruvians will ask applicants to provide things such as their full name, date of birth, their current residency, and the information on their passport page, most notably their passport number and expiration date.

Once all these details have been double-checked and the application has been submitted, the typical waiting time for a response is three business days. If Peruvians have not heard back within that timeframe, they need to check their ‘Spam’ folder.

In the event of a delay, the response time may vary, so citizens of Peru must be sure to apply for the eTA with sufficient time before their trip.

There is a non-refundable fee that accompanies a submitted application, which must be paid by Peruvian applicants with a debit or credit card. If their visa is denied, they will need to pay again to re-submit.

Peruvians: what to do after receiving the eTA for the Philippines

Each application is issued a Unique Identification Number (UID) when it is submitted. Peruvian travelers must reference this number in any correspondence with officials.

Once nationals of Peru have successfully been issued their eTA, it is important to print out a copy of their accepted visa waiver and carry it with them when entering the nation. If they are in a party of more than one, each member must have a printed out version of their individual eTA.

Travel to the Philippines From Peru: Trip Advice

It takes around 23 hours to fly from Peru to the Philippines, but before initiating their flight with tourism purposes, Peruvians need to know certain details of the country of destination to avoid possible misunderstandings and issues during their trip.

For instance, it is important to know that exchanging currencies in the Philippines can be troublesome and, therefore, travelers from Peru should take the proper precautions.

Also, there is a limit on the amount of money that each Peruvian traveler may carry to the Philippines: any amount exceeding $10,000 USD or P10,000 must be declared upon entry.

On the other hand, both pornography and weapons are strictly prohibited. Any traveler of Peru found to be carrying such restricted items into the Philippines may be denied entry even if Peruvians have a valid eTA.