Philippines eTA for Qatari Citizens

eTA Requirements for the Philippines from Qatar

Nationals of most countries, including Qatar, whose nationals wish to travel to the Philippines for short tourist stays can currently enter the country visa-free.

Nevertheless, the government of the Philippines has recently announced the introduction of a Filipino electronic travel authorization (eTA) that acts as a visa waiver. As of now, only the citizens of Taiwan are eligible to apply for the Philippines visa waiver. Other countries will be added to the list shortly.

Qatari citizens who are planning to travel to the Philippines should follow the updates related to the launch of the Philippines visa waiver and eligible nationalities.

What Travel Permit Do Qatari Citizens Need to Enter the Philippines?

Qatari passport holders are not required to obtain a visa if they are planning to stay in the Philippines for less than 30 days. This rule applies only when traveling for tourism, leisure, or family visits.

For all other travel purposes and longer stays, citizens of Qatar must apply for a visa at the Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines in the capital of Doha.

It is expected the Philippines’ visa policy will be soon updated with the modifications regarding the new visa waiver.

Philippines’ visas available from Qatar

The Philippines offers several different types of visas for Qataris depending on the purpose of travel.

For temporary visits for business, study, transit, medical treatment, or paid employment in the Philippines, Qatari travelers are required to apply for a non-immigrant visa.

Qatari citizens who wish to stay in the Philippines for tourism for more than one month at a time will also need to obtain this type of visa.

If they would like to become permanent residents in the country, Qatari nationals are eligible to apply for one of the immigrant visas for the Philippines.

Philippines Visa Waiver for Qataris: Documents and Conditions Required

Before applying for the Philippines electronic travel permit for Qatar, candidates must make sure that they comply with all the Philippines visa waiver conditions. The Philippines’ eTA entry requirements include:

  • Having a Qatari passport or another accepted travel document valid for at least six months after the return date from the Philippines
  • Completing an eTA Philippines application form
  • Having a valid debit or credit card for paying visa waiver fees
  • Having an active email address for obtaining the eTA approval

Also, upon arrival to the Philippines, travelers from Qatar may be required to show proof of financial means (a sufficient amount of cash or a valid payment card), a confirmed return or onward ticket, hotel booking, and an official letter of invitation from school or company, when applicable.

Please note that travelers without a valid Qatari passport and transport arrangements for departing the Philippines will be denied entry to the country.

The government of the Philippines may introduce some additional Philippines visa waiver conditions for Qatari passport holders once the program is launched.

How to Apply for a Philippines eTA From Qatar?

To apply for a Philippines travel permit from Qatar, candidates are required to access the online form to apply for a Philippines’ visa waiver. They need to fill in their essential personal and passport details, including:

  • Name, gender, and nationality
  • Home address, phone number, and email address
  • Passport number, date of issue and date of expiry

The entire process is simple and straightforward and takes only a few minutes to complete. The application can be done at any time and from anywhere in the world and there is no need to visit the Philippines embassy to apply.

However, Qataris must verify all the entered data is correct and corresponds to the information in the passport. If this is not the case, the approval process may be delayed and the Qatari applicant asked to fill in a new form.

Candidates can then proceed to pay the Filipino eTA processing fee through a secure online system using a debit or credit card.

The Philippines’ electronic visas are issued within three business days, although processing visa waivers may take longer if some of the information entered in the application form is incorrect.

Qatari applicants need to print their approved Philippines electronic travel permit and present it along with the passport to the border official upon arrival in the Philippines.

Traveling From Qatar to the Philippines: Trip Advice

To ensure the best possible experience in the country, it is important to follow safety advice for the Philippines. Visitors need to keep in mind that the Philippines may be affected by natural disasters like typhoons, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and floodings.

Qatari travelers are recommended to obtain several vaccines including tetanus, diphtheria, hepatitis A and B, rabies, and typhoid before their travel. Additionally, all foreign citizens that are more than one-year-old must be able to show a vaccination certification for yellow fever upon arrival.