Philippines eTA for Saudi Citizens

eTA Requirements for the Philippines from Saudi Arabia

Nationals of Saudi Arabia traveling to the Philippines may soon be eligible for a Filipino eTA. This electronic travel authorization will soon be extended to a number of countries that are yet to be confirmed.

Currently, Saudi citizens can enter the Philippines visa-free for short term stays of up to 30 days.

The development of this visa waiver to gain entry into Filipino territory will allow for better border controls, fewer queues upon entering the country, and a fast application process.

Saudi travelers are advised to read on to learn more about the entry requirements associated with this new travel permit.

Do Saudi Arabia Nationals Need a Visa to Enter the Philippines?

The Philippines currently allows nationals of selected countries to enter without a visa for certain periods if their journeys are tourism or business-related. Saudi Arabians are part of this group. However, as of 2021, they will require to obtain a new travel document when traveling to the Philippines: the eTA or electronic travel authorization.

If Saudi visitors are planning on a trip that is longer than 30 days or for reasons that are not tourism or business, they will need an actual Philippines’ visa. These cases include long-term stays related to employment opportunities, academic studies, or permanent residency, among many others.

An application for these types of visas must be done in person at an embassy or consulate and following the Filipino visa policy.

Philippines Visa Waiver for Saudi Citizens: Entry Requirements

Saudi travelers must make sure they meet the Philippines’ eTA entry requirements before applying. These include the following:

  • Having at least 6 months of validity remaining on a current Saudi passport at the time of entrance into the country
  • Providing an accessible email address where applicants from Saudi can receive key visa waiver notifications
  • Paying the eTA processing fee with a valid credit or debit card
  • Being able to provide proof of outward travel and accommodation when in the Philippines

The Philippines visa waiver for Saudi citizens, or eTA, will be a simple process that can be completed entirely online. The new travel authorization is meant to be a fast way of screening travelers that will enter the country even before their trip.

Filipino eTA will allow Saudi citizens multiple visits to the Philippines within 30 days from the date of the first entry. The approved travel purposes for the eTA are the same that now apply without a visa, meaning tourism, leisure, short term business, or visiting relatives.

This visa waiver will not allow for extensions, therefore, nationals from Saudi Arabia should make sure they do not overstay their Philippines visa waiver to avoid penalties.

Online Application for a Philippines eTA From Saudi Arabia

Travelers can easily apply online for a Philippines visa waiver from Saudi Arabia as long as they have access to a stable internet connection and comply with the entry requirements.

In the application form, the following information will be required from Saudis:

  • Personal details such as full name, date and place of birth, country of citizenship
  • Passport details including number, country of issue, date of issue and expiry
  • Credit or debit card details for the completion of the payment
  • Email address
  • Security questions
  • Travel plans such as dates of arrival and departure.

Note: A return ticket may also be required from Saudi Arabians when applying for the Philippines’ eTA. This requirement currently applies to Taiwanese citizens, the only ones eligible for the new travel authorization at the moment.

Finally, visitors from Saudi Arabia will need to pay the processing fee through a credit or debit card with sufficient funds and online. If the payment is completed, a confirmation message will appear, which means the application is already in place.

Filipino visa waiver’s processing time for Saudi Arabia

The approved eTA to the Philippines as well as any important information regarding the status of the application will be sent via email at the address provided.

The processing of the Philippines visa waiver generally takes up to two business days. However, any inaccuracy in the application form may lead to delays and Saudi travelers may need to fill out a new application.

Traveling From Saudi Arabia to the Philippines: Trip Advice

When entering the Philippines, citizens from Saudi Arabia will need to show the following documents:

  • A printed copy of the approved eTA to the Philippines
  • Their passport valid for at least six months from the date of arrival in the country
  • Proof of accommodation and outward travel, if required by border authorities

It is important to note that the passport must be the same used when filling out the application form.

In addition to the abovementioned documents, Saudi travelers may need to have proof of vaccination when accessing the Philippines. Most vaccines are highly recommended but a yellow fever vaccination certificate is required from all citizens coming from an at-risk country.