Philippines eTA for Singaporean Citizens

eTA Requirements for the Philippines from Singapore

The new Philippines eTA electronic visa waiver system was introduced by the Philippine government to make it easier and faster for foreigners to obtain a travel authorization for short-term stays.

Through the eTA, eligible citizens can apply directly for the eTA Philippines from Singapore, online and in the comfort of their home or office. The digital nature of this application means that eTA travelers do not have to visit a Philippine embassy or consulate in order to apply for their entry permission.

At present, Singaporean citizens (as well as other nationalities) are allowed to visit the Philippines for up to 30 days visa-free. Anyone wishing to extend this period from within the Philippines need to get in touch with the immigration authorities and will incur in a fee.

For this reason, travelers who know they will be staying longer than 30 days in the Philippines are advised to obtain their eTA or other relevant visa before they depart on their trip.

For Singaporeans who intend to visit the Philippines for purposes other than tourism, a traditional visa may be required. Singaporeans entering the Philippines temporarily to pursue business activities, education, travel transfers, etc. should apply for one of several types of non-immigrant visa. Visitors moving to the Philippines permanently will need to obtain an immigrant visa.

Requirements to Apply for eTA for the Philippines from Singapore

In line with Philippines eTA requirements for Singaporeans, all those intending to apply for an eTA must be in possession of a valid eligible passport.

It is also essential that the validity of this passport extends for 6 months or more after the date upon which the traveler intends to leave the Philippines.

How to Apply for a Philippines eTA from Singapore

In order to submit a Philippines eTA application from Singapore, foreigners must complete an online eTA application form. The form asks for (among others):

  • The applicant’s personal information such as full name and address.
  • Passport details (number, date and place of issue and expiration).
  • Email address.
  • Credit or debit card details for payment of the relevant visa fee.

Once the request for the eTA visa waiver has been accepted, the applicant will receive a Unique Identification Number, also called a UID. Travelers applying for the eTA Philippines from Singapore in groups should note that the UID for their application will be assigned to the primary applicant designated for their group.

When completing the Philippines eTA application, Singaporeans are strongly encouraged to verify that all the information they have provided is correct. If an application contains details that do not match the data on the visitor’s passport, the eTA holder may be refused entry into the Philippines.

Any foreigner who mistakenly enters incorrect information on their application will need to submit a new Philippines eTA application. Alternatively, some people may need to update their details on the Philippines eTA website using the UID number assigned to them.

The standard processing time for a Philippines eTA application from Singapore is 3 business days. However, it’s advisable to submit the application as early as possible to avoid disappointments in case of delays, Applicants who have their request approved will receive their eTA in electronic format.

Necessary Travel Documentation for the eTA from Singapore

Philippines eTA requirements from Singapore state that in order to enter the Philippines, foreign citizens must be able to provide the following documents at the port of entry of their choice into the country:

  • Valid eligible passport.
  • Proof of intention to leave the Philippines at the end of the trip, inc. train, plane or bus tickets.
  • Travel plans and itinerary (hotel reservations).
  • Proof of financial ability to cover their stay (cash, credit card, etc.).

In addition, foreign nationals should be able to produce both an electronic copy and a physical copy of their eTA Philippines when requested to do so by Philippine immigration officers. If traveling in a group, each individual must have their own physical copy of the Philippines eTA visa waiver.

Individuals traveling on the Philippines eTA from Singapore should also be prepared to answer a number of security questions when passing through immigration control at a Philippine port of entry.

Regarding proof of onward travel, visitors are advised that if they cannot show their travel bookings for leaving the Philippines, some airlines may not allow them to fly on a Philippines eTA from Singapore.