Philippines eTA for Swedish Citizens

eTA Requirements for the Philippines from Sweden

The Philippines’ eTA is an electronic travel authorization that has the purpose to simplify the process of obtaining a tourist permit to travel to the country.

For the time being, nationals of most countries, including Sweden, can enter the Philippines visa-free for shorter stays. Therefore, Swedish passengers currently do not need to obtain the Philippines’ eTA prior to their travel. However, it is likely that the Philippines government will soon introduce the visa waiver for multiple countries.

Applying for the Philippines visa waiver will be a simple and quick process that can be done entirely online in a matter of minutes, without any need to contact or visit the Philippines embassy before traveling.

Do Swedish Citizens Need a Visa to Enter the Philippines?

Nationals of most European countries, including Swedish citizens, do not need a visa to enter the Philippines. This applies to Swedish travelers who wish to visit the Philippines for shorter stays of up to 30 days for touristic purposes.

For all other types and lengths of travel in the Philippines, Swedish citizens need to obtain a visa.

The Philippines offers an extensive choice of different visas including:

  • A Filipino tourist visa for stays over 30 days
  • A non-immigrant visa for the purpose of pre-arranged employment, trade, and education.
  • A quota immigrant visa for applicants with extraordinary professional skills or qualifications to benefit the country (a total of 50 quota immigrant visas is granted per year)
  • A resident retiree visa that allows multiple entries and indefinite stay and requires submitting a deposit

Swedish citizens who are eligible for obtaining a visa for the Philippines must visit the Philippine Embassy in Stockholm.

How to Apply for a Philippines eTA From Sweden?

The Philippines’ electronic travel permit for Sweden is not yet available. At the moment, the Philippines government provides an electronic travel authorization (eTA) only for the citizens of Taiwan. However, nationals of other countries will need to obtain this type of visa in the future.

Swedish passport holders are advised to regularly check the updates of the Filipino visa policy in order to know if any changes have been made.

To apply for a Philippines travel permit from Sweden, candidates need to access the online application form. They are asked to provide personal and passport information such as name, nationality, date of birth, passport number, as well as the dates of issue and expiry of the passport.

Applicants must make sure that all the information is correct and corresponds to the details of the passport. Any discrepancies may lead to delays in visa waiver processing and, in some cases, result in a refusal to enter the country.

Swedish travelers who are dual nationals must enter the Philippines with the same passport that they used to apply for an eTA. If their passport is expiring soon, Swedish candidates need to renew the passport and apply using the number of the new passport.

The payment of the visa waiver processing fee is done through a secure online system using a credit or debit card.

Applicants from Sweden can expect to obtain their visa waiver to the Philippines by email within three business days. If there are mistakes in the application, this process may take longer.

Philippines Visa Waiver Requirements for Swedish Citizens

Swedish travelers must meet several Philippines eTA requirements for Sweden in order to apply for the travel authorization.

The main necessary document to enter the Philippines is a valid Swedish passport. The passport must have a minimum validity of 6 months beyond the expected stay in the Philippines.

Philippines visa waiver conditions for Sweden also include having a valid debit or credit card for visa fee payment, as well as an active email address for receiving the Philippines eTA.

Furthermore, travelers from Sweden are required to show proof of intention to leave the Philippines and not to work while in the country. They will be asked to present a hotel reservation and proof of sufficient funds for the entirety of the trip at the port of entry.

Travelers should also be prepared to show a ticket for return or onward travel to the airline at the point of departure to the Philippines. Otherwise, they will need to buy one on the spot before boarding the aircraft.

Traveling From Sweden to the Philippines: Trip Advice

Applicants from Sweden must print out the visa waiver that they receive by email and show it in its paper form at the border along with their passport.

It is important to keep in mind that the Philippines’ eTA does not automatically guarantee the right to enter the country. This right is at the sole discretion of the immigration officer at the port of entry in the Philippines.

Before traveling to the Philippines, Swedish visitors should familiarize themselves with local Filipino customs and safety advice to have a pleasant and ideal journey to the Asian country.