Philippines eTA for Australian Citizens

eTA Requirements for Philippines from Australia

The Philippines is one of the most tourist-friendly destinations in the world as it allows visa-free entry for up to 30 days for over a hundred different nationalities. Therefore, the traveler should check to see if their country is listed as one of the many countries whose citizens are allowed to visit the Philippines visa-free for a limited time.

Travelers are also encouraged to go through the different visa-types offered by the Philippine Government so as to determine if they will need to apply for a visa in order to visit the country. In case a visa is required, the traveler should select a visa that best aligns with the purpose of the traveler’s visit to the country.

For tourists planning to stay in the Philippines longer than the 30-day limit, a non-immigrant tourist visa will be required for entry into the country. Fortunately, the process of applying for a tourist Philippines visa has now been made easier thanks to the Philippine Government implementing the Philippines electronic travel authorization system for a select group of countries. This means that the citizens of these countries will be able to apply for and obtain a Philippines eTA visa online without having to visit a local embassy or consulate.

Philippines Visa for Australian Citizens

Australian citizens are amongst the select group of countries whose citizens can now apply for a Philippines eTA visa online through the Philippines eTA visa website. Since Australian citizens are allowed visa-free entry into the Philippines, they can request an extension of their stay for a fee if they decide to stay longer than the 30-day limit. However, if it is known beforehand that their visit will require a longer duration of stay, it is best to apply for an eTA visa prior to making any travel arrangements.

Passport Requirements for Philippine eTA Visa from Australia

The Philippine Government also requires that all travelers meet the following criteria in order to successfully apply for and obtain a Philippines eTA visa form Australia:

  • Valid passport with a validity exceeding 6 months from the date of departure from the Philippines
  • Roundtrip flight tickets
  • Hotel accommodation bookings
  • Cash or credit/debit card

It is important to note that all travelers visiting the Philippines will have to go through immigration control where they will be expected to answer certain security questions honestly and accurately. They might even be required to present their travel documents and a printed copy of their eTA visa.

Apply for the Philippine eTA Visa from Australia

In order to apply for the Philippines eTA visa, travelers will have to access the Philippines online eTA visa website. The website contains an online application form which they can fill out so as to apply for the eTA visa. This online application form asks the traveler to list their personal and passport details, a valid email address, and valid credit/debit card information.

After the application form has been completed, the traveler will be assigned a Unique Identification Number or UID. In the case of multiple travelers, the UID will be assigned to the primary applicant in the group. The traveler(s) will also be charged a processing fee on the credit/debit card provided on the eTA application.

It is extremely important that the information provided on the online application form matches the information shown on the applicant’s passport.

Otherwise, the traveler may be barred from entering the Philippines on the grounds of having an invalid visa. If the traveler made a mistake in filling out the online application form, he/she might have to submit a new application form with the correct information. In some instances, they may be required to update the information by contacting the Philippines eTA website with their UID number.

Travel to the Philippines from Australia

It is worth noting that it can take up to 3 business days for the eTA visa application to be processed. In some cases, it can take longer than that depending on whether or not there is any additional processing required on the application.

Once the application has been approved for a visa, the traveler will receive the eTA visa via the email they provided on their application. The Australian traveler will also need to keep a copy of the eTA visa on their mobile phone/handheld device and take a printed copy on an A4 sheet of paper with them to the Philippine port of entry when they travel. In the case of multiple people traveling in a group, each group member will need to have their own separate sheet of paper showing his/her eTA visa.

Travelers are advised that before leaving for the Philippines, they will be required to show a ticket for onward travel at the point of departure for the country. Otherwise, most airlines will require travelers to purchase one on the spot or risk being left behind.

Some other things to keep in mind while traveling to the Philippines:

  • Travelers are prohibited from carrying firearms/weapons and pornography while attempting to enter the country
  • Travelers can bring up to 2 L of alcohol or 400 cigarettes (or two tins of tobacco) without paying duty fees
  • First item
  • Travelers bringing in $10,000 in foreign currency or P10,000 in local currency will need to declare that to customs upon entry or exit