Philippines eTA for UK Citizens

eTA Requirements for the Philippines from United Kingdom

The Philippine Government is committed to making travel easier and more accessible to international tourists and has recently introduced measures with this purpose in mind.

The Philippine government offers different types of visas for people seeking to visit the country. These visas fall under two categories:

  • immigrant
  • non-immigrant permits

Travelers are encouraged to look through the different categories/sub-categories to see if they will be required to obtain a visa prior to visiting the country and if so, which best suits their needs.

In the case of traveling to the Philippines as a tourist, there is now an easier way to obtain a permit for the country. The Philippine Government has launched an online Philippines eTA visa waiver application.

This allows eligible foreigners to apply for a Philippine eTA visa waiver from their homes or offices instead of having to visit a local embassy or consulate.

Philippines eTA Visa Waiver Requirements from the UK

Since British citizens are allowed visa-free entry into the Philippines for a stay of up to 30 days, the traveler will have to assess their plans in order to determine whether or not they need to apply for a tourist visa.

In cases where a British national is aware that they will have to stay for a period of more than 30 days, they may have to acquire a visa prior to traveling to the country.

In other cases, British travelers can obtain an extension to their stay in the Philippines if they arrived on a visa-free basis but decided to stay longer. However, foreigners are usually charged extra for this.

Therefore, it is recommended that British tourists organize their itinerary prior to departure in order to determine whether or not a Philippine eTA permit will be required.

In the event the UK visitor is required to obtain an eTA visa waiver, the Philippine Government has set certain criteria that must be met by all applicants. The requirements are as follows:

  • Having a passport that is valid for at least 6 months after they leave the country
  • Return flight tickets
  • Hotel bookings
  • Cash or debit/credit cards

It is also worth noting that all travelers to the Philippines (including Brits) will have to go through customs check at the port of entry, where they will be expected to clear security questions. Incoming passengers may also be asked to provide certain travel documents and a printed copy of their Philippine visa (if applicable).

How to Apply for a Philippines eTA Visa Waiver from the United Kingdom?

The process of applying for an eTA tourist permit for the Philippines from the United Kingdom is very simple.

The traveler will have to access the Philippines online application website and fill out the eTA application form from the United Kingdom. The document will ask the applicant to provide personal and passport details, a valid email address as well as a valid debit/credit card.

Once the application has been completed, each foreigner will be assigned a Unique Identification Number or UID. In the case of a group application, the UID will be given to the primary applicant of the eTA authorizations. The traveler(s) will also be charged a processing fee upon submission of the eTA request.

It is important to note that the eTA application should be filled out as accurately as possible. Any discrepancies between the information provided on the form and that shown on the travel documents can render the eTA visa waiver invalid and the eTA holder can be barred from entering into the country as a result.

In case the questionnaire presents incorrect or lacking information, the applicant will have to fill out a new form.

If the form has already been completed and the traveler needs to update the information provided, they can contact the Philippine eTA application website with their UID number in order to make the necessary changes.

Philippines eTA for British Citizens

After the application has been submitted, it can take up to 3 business days for it to be processed and for the visa waiver to be granted. In some cases, it might take longer if there is any additional processing that needs to be carried out on the application.

Once the Philippines eTA visa waiver for UK citizens is granted, the traveler will receive the authorization via email. They should keep a copy of the visa on their smartphone/handheld device and also take a printed copy of the permit on an A4 sheet of paper with them as they reach the Philippine border.

In the case of multiple applicants, a separate printed copy will be needed for each individual in the group. The eTA will need to be presented to Philippine immigration officials at the Philippine port of entry.

Traveling to the Philippines from the UK

Brits should be aware that before boarding the plane to the Philippines, they will be required to show a ticket of onward or return travel from the country of origin.
In fact, some airlines can refuse to board a passenger if they don’t have a ticket or can suggest that the passenger purchase it on the spot in order to proceed with the onboarding process.

Other things Brits should keep in mind while traveling to the Philippines include the local customs regulations. Certain items, like alcohol and tobacco, can be imported in limited amounts. Others, like firearms and weapons, are prohibited.