eTA Philippines for German Citizens

eTA Requirements for the Philippines from Germany

Eligible tourists visiting the Philippines can now make use of the Philippines electronic travel authorization system, also referred to as the eTA. This program allows foreigners to obtain a visa waiver for the Philippines online, meaning that travelers no longer have to attend an in-person interview at a Philippine embassy or consulate to receive their documentation.

Germans can quickly and conveniently submit their Philippines eTA application from Germany, since eligible applicants can lodge their request from anywhere in the world.

Do German Citizens Need a Visa or eTA for the Philippines?

German citizens are currently permitted to enter the Philippines for a period of up to 30 days without needing to obtain a visa of any kind.

However, the Filipino government has announced that soon they will release a visa waiver for Germany and other countries that can currently enter visa-free to the Philippines. Therefore, once this happens, Germans will need to apply for an eTA to the Philippines before departure.

Those who are planning to visit the Philippines for non-tourism purposes may need to apply for a traditional visa rather than the Philippines’ eTA for Germans. Visas for the Philippines fall into two broad categories:

  • Non-immigrant visas: this covers individuals from Germany traveling to the Philippines to pursue business, work, study, etc
  • Immigrant visas: this applies to any German resident relocating permanently to the Philippines

In any case, it is extremely important to know the requirements associated with the specific type of visa to the Philippines before applying and traveling to the country.

Philippines eTA Requirements From Germany

Local authorities have said that the Philippines’ visa policy is about to change with the introduction of the eTA. Therefore, not all details have been revealed yet.

However, there are certain Philippines entry eTA requirements that will be mandatory for German nationals wanting to visit the country:

  • Be in possession of an eligible passport issued by the German government. This travel document must be valid at the time of application and for 6 months or more following Germans’ intended date of departure from the Philippines
  • Have the proof of onward/return outbound journey from the Philippines, e.g. train or plane tickets
  • Submit evidence of accommodation for the duration of their stay in the Philippines, e.g. hotel reservations
  • Provide proof of financial capacity to cover the costs of German visitors’ stay, e.g. credit card, cash

To avoid any last-minute issues, it is recommended that nationals of Germany have all these documents also when they reach the Philippine border.

Individuals from Germany traveling on an electronic permit are advised that some airlines will not allow passengers to board unless they can provide evidence of their onward or homeward journey from the Philippines.

How to Get an eTA Philippines From Germany

Submitting a Philippines eTA request from Germany is as simple as filling in an online Philippines eTA application form. To complete it, German applicants need to submit:

  • Their personal details such as full name and date of birth
  • Passport information
  • Current email address

Foreign nationals from Germany will also need to provide their card payment details in order to cover the eTA processing fee.

When the Philippines’ eTA application is accepted, a UID (Unique Identification Number) will be issued to German travelers. For group applications, a single UID will be issued for the whole group and will be assigned to the group’s primary German applicant.

Foreigners requesting an eTA online should take steps to ensure that all the information they provide on their application form is accurate and complete. If the application contains information that does not match that listed on the visitor’s passport, the Philippines’ eTA issued for that passport will be considered invalid and may not be accepted for entry into the Philippines.

Applicants who mistakenly submit inaccurate information on their application will have to lodge a new request or, in some cases, use their UID to amend their application online.

How long does it take to get an eTA for the Philippines from Germany?

The usual processing time for the Philippines eTA for Germans is roughly 3 business days, but delays sometimes occur.

As a result, all visitors traveling to the Philippines on an eTA, including those from Germany, are advised to submit their application online well before their planned departure date. Approved permits will be delivered to German applicants via email at the address provided on the application form.

German citizens must note that when entering the Philippines, travelers must be able to produce both a physical and electronic copy of their eTA visa waiver and that if in a group, each foreigner must have their own, individual copy of the group eTA.

Furthermore, visitors of Germany should also be prepared to answer a number of security questions when they meet the Philippines’ immigration authorities.

Benefits of the eTA Philippines for German Citizens

One of the benefits of the Philippines introducing a visa waiver program that includes German citizens is the fact of having a stronger border control system that ensures tourists a more secure, safe procedure when entering the country.

Another advantage of applying for an eTA for the Philippines as German national is the whole process can be done online, without the need of visiting embassies, consulates, or other immigration offices. This fastens the processing time and creates a more agile platform that is accessible for all visitors from Germany.

Additionally, obtaining the eTA Philippines from Germany ahead of time means that travelers will be assured of having enough time to solve potential issues arising at the time of application while they are still at home.